Arredare in stile Urban Eco. Lo stile industriale si unisce all’eco-green

In un recente post vi avevo già accennato riguardo la mia passione per lo stile di arredamento Urban Eco.

A seguire il progetto artistico da me proposto per l’arredamento di cucina e zona living in cui spiego com’è nata l’ispirazione per creare la moodboard e le soluzioni adottate in base alle richieste.

URBAN ECO KITCHEN – Moodboard made by Francesca Romio

URBAN ECO KITCHEN- Kitchen view from the living room drawn by Francesca Romio

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Following the interview in English.

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What are the characteristics of the Urban Eco style?
The inspiration comes from the atmospheres of the big metropolitan cities where over the years it has been provided with the renovation for residential use of old sheds and disused factories in which there are also large windows with wonderful natural light entering.

Urban style is enjoying considerable success, particularly among young couples or singles who face the first life experiences outside their parents’ home. A style influenced by minimalism: simple and soft lines but that does not disdain the inclusion of touches of bold colors.

The designer’s advice: In the case of a new environment and small windows we should use hanging lamps and spotlights on the floor and ceiling to recover as much light as possible.

Could you describe the mood board?

URBAN ECO KITCHEN- Moodboard made by Francesca Romio

The Piemontese capital is the third economic-productive complex of the country; is the hub of the automotive industry and is also one of the most important centers for Italian industrial and cultural design. From this careful reflection I created the moodboard inspired by the brick construction of the Antonelli building and subsequently restored with reinforced concrete and steel. All three components are found in the Urban Eco Kitchen project.

Inspired by the Urban Eco Style, wood could not fail to be missing. We find it in the floor, in the table and in the boxes containing shrubs. And the green represented by aromatic and evergreen plants; symbolically therefore a further tribute to the city of the four rivers that rises in the Po valley, protected by the western Alpine chain with the Gran Paradiso massif, the main protagonist of the Turin panorama.

Naturally a touch of “cozy and comfort” furniture has been added, such as the strictly white quilt that covers the sofa bed in the living area and soft carpets to create balance.

The project.
The project’s clients are a young couple from Turin and the two-room apartment we see in the plan is located a few meters away at the foot of the Mole Antonelliana. In the project we focus on the living area and kitchen area.

What space-saving solutions have you adopted?

URBAN ECO KITCHEN – Kitchen view from the living room drawn by Francesca Romio

The layout of this environment in which the kitchen and living area must be harmonized is not huge. I proposed a modular and functional furniture taking advantage of all the possible space. Creating an equipped corner channel between the window side and the kitchenette, I figured out the long and narrow free space that was created between the shutter window frame and the washbasin cabinet.
The channel is used for everyday tableware, kitchen knives and cutting boards, spice holders etc .; in addition, in the Urban Eco Kitchen there are two modules with a removable basket, very convenient as a space-saving pantry, a cabinet for use only for glasses and cups and a column with oven and microwave.

I liked the idea of an industrial solid wood dining table with treated rusty metal legs that didn’t move and that took up exactly that space. I imagined the canteens of the factory workers. In this table you can easily cohabit in 6 people.

Also in the living area there is the insertion of a clean linear modular furniture where the crockery that is used when there are guests can be stored. The proposal to insert a fold-out sofa bed in a chaise longue style derives from the request of the client to have an extra bed in case of need.

In the first inspection, the needs of the young couple emerged: to design a simple, functional, welcoming and contemporary space. As a color table the request converged on the shades of gray. As for the lighting technology, the insertion of basic lamps and the creation of a warm environment with the use of lights. This gave rise to the solution of inserting recessed floor and ceiling lights in strategic areas of the home with diffused light regula.

Mood Board: di cosa si tratta esattamente?

Benvenuti nel mio nuovo Blog!

Mi presento: sono Francesca, Artista, Tecnico del Restauro di Beni Culturali e studente di Interior Design presso l’Accademia Telematica Europea.

Con molto piacere inauguro il mio nuovo blog UMORECREATIVO affrontando un argomento molto interessante: la moodboard.

Nei miei 4 anni in giro tra Regno Unito e gli States sentivo spesso parlare con altri colleghi artisti di confrontare le nostre idee ed ispirazioni creando delle moodboard da condividere poi tramite i social.

Ma di cosa si tratta esattamente?

Moodboard significa letteralmente mood “umore” e board “tavola” quindi semplicemente non è altro che una sorta di tavola da disegno virtuale dove tramite un collage di immagini si raccolgono le idee, si sviluppano progetti, si trasmettono emozioni. In italiano viene tradotta con il termine “pannello di tendenza”.

Con l’avvento delle app come Pinterest per costruire e condividere una moodboard accattivante servono una serie di immagini di carattere che traducono nel miglior modo possibile l’idea che si sta cercando di lanciare. Nulla deve essere lasciato al caso: dalle scelte delle immagini all’impaginazione.

Nel mondo del Fashion Design, Visual Merchandising e dell’Interior Design sono un utilissimo e potente mezzo di comunicazione.

Come studentessa di ID sto imparando a sviluppare progetti di spazi interni ed esterni di abitazioni da rinnovare o semplicemente da rivalorizzare.                                                                                                           

L’uso della moodboard mi permette di creare un rapporto diretto tra il cliente e la mia idea creativa. Il cliente verrà coinvolto fin da subito da una serie di suggestioni visive che emergeranno da una determinata tipologia di arredamento ho semplicemente dalle varie nuance che verranno utilizzate.

Qui sotto potrete trovare un esempio dell’importanza di un pannello di tendenza.                                           

Da una semplice immagine ci si può ispirare e creare tramite uno schema di colori idoneo una determinata tipologia di arredamento inserendo anche immagini di fantasia.

Dai colori di quest’immagine e dal vasetto del cactus mi sono ispirata ai tramonti californiani che sono caratterizzati da un intenso viola dove prevale la percentuale del rosso, quindi una tonalità calda e avvolgente. Lo spazio protagonista di questa moodboard potrebbe essere la terrazza di un appartamento oppure il portico ad uso “salotto esterno” di una casa.

Dalle 7 tonalità di colori ricavate dall’immagine iniziale ho sviluppato la mia ricerca. Interessante notare come in questa immagine ci sia l’uso del rosso nelle varie nuance, del verde suo complementare e del grigio come ponte di bilanciamento tra le varie tonalità.

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Welcome to my new Blog!

Let me introduce myself: I’m Francesca Artist, Technician of Restoration of Cultural Heritage and student of Interior Design at the European Telematic Academy.

With great pleasure I inaugurate my new UMORECREATIVO blog addressing speaking about a very interesting topic: the moodboard.

In my 4 years traveling around the UK and the States I often heard talk with other fellow artists about comparing our ideas and inspirations by creating moodboards to be shared later via social media.

But what is it exactly?

Moodboard literally means mood “mood” and board “table” so it is simply nothing more than a sort of virtual drawing board where ideas are collected through a collage of images, projects are developed, emotions are transmitted.                                                 

With the advent of apps like Pinterest to build and share a captivating moodboard, you need a series of character images that translate in the best possible way the idea you are trying to launch. Nothing should be left to chance: from the choice of images to the layout.

In the world of Fashion Design, Visual Merchandising and Interior Design are a very useful and powerful means of communication.

As a student of ID I am learning to develop projects of interior and exterior spaces of homes to renovate or simply to re-evaluate.

The use of the moodboard allows me to create a direct relationship between the customer and my creative idea. The customer will be immediately involved in a series of visual suggestions that will emerge from a specific type of furniture I simply have from the various nuances that will be used.

Below you will find an example of the importance of a trend panel.

From a simple image you can inspire and create a specific type of furniture using a suitable color scheme, including imaginative images.

From the colors of this image and from the pot of the cactus I was inspired by the Californian sunsets that are characterized by an intense violet where the percentage of red prevails, therefore a warm and enveloping shade. The protagonist space of this moodboard could be the terrace of an apartment or the porch used as a “living room outside” of a house.

From the 7 shades of colors derived from the initial image I developed my research. It is interesting to note that in this image there is the use of red in the various nuances, of its complementary green and of gray as a balancing bridge between the various shades.